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The Powerball jackpot is approaching the $300m mark at present, but what if you won a big prize and nearly missed out on claiming it? That’s what nearly happened to Charles Dudley from Redding in Connecticut, USA, but thankfully he’s claimed his $1m Powerball win and all he wanted at first was an ice-cream.

Mr Dudley’s win came in the May 2 Powerball draw and his ticket matched the five main balls The lucky numbers in that draw were: 05-14-31-40-50 and the Powerball 05. If his ticket had matched the Powerball he’d have won, the $195.2m top prize.

On the day of the Powerball draw, he stopped off at the Georgetown Shell gas station to buy an ice-cream. While there, he also purchased a Quick Pick Powerball ticket, so he didn’t choose his own numbers as a 79-year-old man from Maryland, USA, did when winning a $1.9m Multi-Match jackpot.

Often people go to buy one item and then leave the store with a lottery ticket that wins them a big prize. That’s what happened in Wales when William Richards was asked to get some mushy peas from the supermarket and ended up also buying a £1m winning UK Lotto ticket.

This American player put his Powerball ticket in his wallet and then simply forgot about it. Nandlall Mangal left a $245.6m winning Powerball ticket on his kitchen table for a week totally unaware that he was a multi-millionaire.

The Connecticut Lottery made an appeal for the owner of the $1m winning Powerball ticket to come forward but still no response. In Delaware, USA, a 69-year-old man saw an article about an unclaimed Powerball win and then discovered he was the missing $50,000 Powerball winner.

The Redding resident finally claimed his Powerball win just 23 days before the ticket was due to expire. Dudley was cleaning out his wallet when he saw his Powerball ticket stuck between a number of old receipts. “I checked the winning numbers on the Lottery’s website and couldn’t believe it,” said the shocked Powerball winner.

Charles kept on checking his Powerball ticket but still wasn’t convinced and he admits his win “didn’t feel real” until taking his ticket back to the Shell gas station where his win was confirmed. Chuck Anderson from Iowa, USA, didn’t feel his $4.38 Lotto America win was real until his winnings found their way into his bank account.

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