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A man from Maryland won $50,000 playing Bonus Match 5 all thanks to numbers that he’d seen come up in another lottery.

Edgardo Antido is originally from the Philippines, and he told lottery officials that he regularly keeps track of drawings in his homeland as he enjoys lottery games so much. This occasion, he watched the winning numbers in Philippine’s Ultralotto 6/58 game and used them to buy his Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 ticket. Only a few days ago we told you about a Filipino lottery player who missed out on a $16.6 million Ultralotto 6/58 jackpot win because she had accidentally bought a ticket for the wrong lottery game.

“I watched the drawing from October 9th for Ultralotto 6/58 and decided to use those same numbers to play Bonus Match 5,” the Maryland man explained. The numbers in the Ultralotto game were 3, 13, 16, 36, 38 and 46, and Mr Antido used all of those numbers, except for 46, to buy his Bonus Match 5 ticket for October 10th. Another recent Bonus Match 5 winner from Maryland was Lawrence Cator, a retired postman who was stunned to find out he was $50,000 richer, while a woman from Maryland won her $50,000 Bonus Match 5 jackpot by using a set of numbers which she’d chosen in tribute to a friend who had recently passed away.

Later that night, the Maryland resident checked his lottery ticket against the numbers in the Bonus Match 5 drawing and could not believe his eyes when he saw he’d won the jackpot prize of $50,000. “I was like, ‘Whoa,’ I was so shocked, I couldn’t sleep,” he told Maryland Lottery officials as he claimed his prize. A man from South Carolina recently won big on a scratch off ticket and decided not to sleep or shower for fear of jinxing his good luck.

Mr Antido works as a butcher and told lottery officials that he had to check and re-check his ticket several times before he could believe it. He didn’t even tell anyone about it, not even his wife, children or grandchildren, except for a good friend who he took with him to Maryland Lottery headquarters to collect his Bonus Match 5 prize. A couple from British Columbia in Canada claimed her Canadian Lotto 649 prize without telling their children they’d won $9 million because they wanted them to find out on the news!

The lucky winner plans to use his Bonus Match 5 prize money to take a long-deserved vacation, and the rest will go into the bank for his and his family’s futures.

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