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Despite being a member of a £25m winning EuroMillions syndicate last November, Julie Amphlett from Neath in Wales, still drives around in a 15-year-old Honda Civic. Other members of the syndicate have been on their travels and buying houses.

Lerynne West from Iowa, USA, who won half of the $687.8m Powerball top prize just couldn’t wait to replace her Ford Fiesta that has 142,000 miles on it. The EuroMillions winner did go out and buy a new Mercedes and try out an Aston Martin but it frightened her, so she’s sticking to her Honda Civic, but she said she might buy a Mini.

Julie still lives in the same house, being unable to find a property she likes. £57.97m EuroMillions winners Fred and Leslie Higgins from Scotland are also staying at their present home. The EuroMillions winner insists that even though she has a windfall of £4m, it hasn’t caused dramatic changes to her family’s lifestyle as they “try to keep it normal.” In fact she believes she’s more careful with her money than before becoming a EuroMillions millionaire.

That means still shopping in Tesco, Aldi, B&M, though they do have the option to go to other places. There has been one big change though as the lucky EuroMillions winner has quit her job. Being able to stay in bed on cold mornings is a delight for her, though it took a while to get used to retirement. She’s also helped out her family including buying her son a house.

Julie has no intention of moving house, asking why she’d consider doing so. “What’s the point of moving, we don’t know anyone anywhere else,” she said.

Other members of the EuroMillions winning syndicate include Doreen Thompson and Sian Jones who have both been on plenty of holidays including Mexico, Florida and Jamaica. Leonard Peters from Canada also plans lots of traveling after winning a $1.6m Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Doreen also had a dream wedding.

Louise Ward has paid up her house thanks to her EuroMillions win and is having it renovated. No hiring of some expensive firm though, her husband is doing it for her and she’s paying him by the hour.

The EuroMillions syndicate grouped together to help the Royal British Legion in Ystalyfera ensuring they will be able to observe Remembrance Day every year. $429.6m Powerball winner Pearlie Mae Smith from New Jersey, USA, has also made plenty of charity donations since her win.

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