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A lottery secret formula led to 14 jackpots for a mathematician, how did he do it?

A mathematician hit the jackpot 14 times all thanks to his lottery secret formula. Was it all down to studying numbers or something more sinister?

A near-perfect method to winning, or cheating his way to a big win?

Stefan Mandel, a Romanian born Australian, won fourteen major lottery jackpots across the world. His lottery secret formula was eventually outlawed in several countries around the globe.

lottery secret formula stefan mandel
Stefan Mandel in an interview

His first lottery win came in Romania, beating odds of one in fourteen million. This was the first test of his formula and he was only aiming for second prize. To his surprise, the lottery secret formula won him the jackpot.

Mandel had worked out a system where he would only play the lottery when the payout was three times the total combination of winning numbers.

That win allowed the mathematician and his family to emigrate to Australia. He then tested the formula on Australian lottery games. Mr Mandel calculated every possible number combination for the Powerball and Oz Lotto games. He then bought every ticket available when the jackpots became large enough to make the investment worthwhile.

Catching the eye of authorities

That method won him the lottery top prize 12 more times. Australian lottery authorities began to get suspicious and investigated his lottery winning method. Lottery officials decided to put a stop to it despite being completely legal.

Laws were introduced to stop Mr Mandel from using his formula. One law stopped a single player from purchasing every available ticket. The lottery player then found business partners to help him. Buying every ticket available by large groups was also made illegal after he won again.

lottery secret formula weekends
Stefan Mandel was an accountant and worked out his formula at weekends

The lottery secret formula moves to America

Mr Mandel finally accepted that he could no longer use his formula in Australia. Instead, he turned his attention to the lotteries in the USA. He did a lot of research and eventually decided to target Virginia.

Together with 2,500 Australian investors he purchased every ticket, only 7.1 million at the time, for a Virginia Lottery jackpot in 1992. Thanks to his lottery secret formula, the group won the $27 million jackpot. On top of that, they won dozens of smaller prizes as well.

That was the math whiz’s last lottery win. The Virginia Lottery investigated him but eventually paid out the prize. Lotteries around the world eventually outlawed his formula. Finally satisfied with his lottery success and unable to continue using his formula, he moved to Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific.

After authorities figured out this lottery secret formula, many have banned this method of buying all available tickets. Now you just have to rely on being lucky.

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