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EuroMillions results and other weekend lottery draws

It was quite a weekend in the big lotteries with EuroMillions results amongst other. Several climbing jackpots were up for grabs, but did anyone take home the big prizes?

EuroMillions set to keep on rolling

First up is the EuroMillions results. On Friday evening, the European lottery was worth over £25 million.

In order to win the top prize, players needed to match numbers 2, 5, 27, 37 and 42 plus Lucky Stars 3 and 10. Nobody in the UK or on the continent managed that feat, and the biggest prize was given out in the second tier for matching the five main numbers plus one Lucky Star.

One lucky UK player did win the Millionaire Maker raffle, worth £1 million. The next jackpot on Tuesday will be up to £32 million.

UK Lotto building up again

The UK Lotto was worth £3.8 million on Saturday. To take home that life-changing prize, players needed numbers 14, 19, 30, 45, 48 and 58.

Nobody managed that feat, and the second prize tier remained empty as well. 49 winners matched five main numbers to win £1,750, and one lucky player took home the guaranteed £1 million prize.

Wednesday night’s draw is now worth £5 million.

Mega Millions starts from scratch

After we reported that the Mega Millions jackpot was won midweek, on Friday night the jackpot reverted back to $40 million. Numbers 4, 6, 11, 43 and 48 plus Mega Ball 11 were required to make it a double jackpot scoop.

Sadly nobody was able to do that, and nobody won at second tier prize level either. This means that the next jackpot on Tuesday will climb up to $45 million, but how long will it climb for?

Powerball jackpot remains the biggest

Of the four biggest world lotteries, the Powerball jackpot was the biggest this weekend. Worth $75 million, it required numbers 11, 12, 32, 41 and 47 plus Powerball 5 to win.

There were three $1 million winners based in Colorado, Oklahoma and Virginia. The next jackpot on Wednesday will be up to $88 million.

A special mention to SuperEnalotto

We can’t finish the weekend roundup without mentioning the SuperEnalotto. The Italian lottery is still breaking records as nobody won the jackpot this weekend.

The biggest jackpot in its history is now worth €198.1 million for Tuesday night’s draw. Will it break the €200 million mark?

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