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Latest EuroMillions Winner is Builder From the UK

The latest EuroMillions winner of the £105m jackpot is a builder from England. Steve Thomson, 42, revealed he was on the verge of having a heart attack when he discovered his win.

Steve and Lenka Thomson

Winning the EuroMillions jackpot on November 29 has now set him and wife Lenka, 41, on a journey they could only have dreamed of previously

It took 3 days to check the winning EuroMillions ticket

Thomson didn’t check his ticket for three days, and the shock of finding out they were wealthier than many celebrities has taken time to sink in.

He said: “I started shaking a lot – I knew it was a really big win but didn’t know what to do. I went out to my van, walked back in, thought about knocking on a neighbour’s door, went back to the van. I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack.”

He went to the local Premier newsagents to tell his wife, who thought they had only won £105,000 at first.

After realising they were the only ticket holders for the huge prize, they managed to return to their jobs and get through the rest of the day.

He continued: “We both went back to work-life goes on,” said Thomson. “I still had to go and paint a ceiling. I fell through it the previous week while insulating someone’s loft. I made the mistake so I had to put it right!”

A quick call to parents to share the good news

They did find time to tell their parents on their lunch break, and Lenka, from Slovakia, is now looking forward to seeing her family more often.

Steve and Lenka live in a three-bed bungalow in the town of Selsey, on the south coast of England. Their first thought after the excitement was that they could give their three children their own rooms. They also plan to help out their families with new homes.

As for the rest of their fortune, they have yet to decide how to spend their new-found wealth.

Thomson said: “We’re not going to change, we’re just going to be financially better off – and so will a lot of other people.”

This latest EuroMillions win is the sixth in the UK this year. It comes after the maximum £170m jackpot was won in October by a UK player. That winner has decided to stay anonymous.

Despite claiming the amazing prize, Mr Thompson has revealed that he will not walk away from his customers.

“I would have got all my jobs done by Christmas if this hadn’t happened!” he said.

Thomson managed to match the numbers 8 – 10 – 15 – 30 – 42 and Lucky Stars 4 and 6 in the November 19 draw.

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