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Lottery Winner Donates 1m Baht to Thai Temple

It seems that prayer can be a way of winning lottery prizes. That’s what a 48-year-old Singaporean businessmen living in Thailand has been doing. It’s worked too and he has now donated some of his winnings to the Song Sawoei temple.

Millions Won

Just how much the businessman has won hasn’t been revealed. However, it’s believed that his several lottery wins have reaped him millions of baht. We don’t know his full name, but the winner is known as YC.

He moved to Thailand 20 years and regularly goes to the Song Sawoei temple to pray. He found about the temple after a friend suggested it to him. Little did he know that going there to pray may have produced a lot of good luck for him.

Restoration Work Goes Ahead

The temple is in the Wat Sing district of Chai Nat province, about three hours’ drive from Bangkok. YC has decided that of his unknown total winnings, he will donate 1 million baht (around £325,000) to the temple.

The temple’s abbot is delighted with the donation from the lottery winner. He says that the money received will go towards restoration work at the temple.

It’s not known if the lucky winner is superstitious. That is the case with many Thais when it comes to playing the lottery. They often use random occurrences in their life or the dreams they have to help choose their numbers.

This isn’t the first time that lottery winners have made donations to temples. Three years ago, a woman from the Ang Thong province of Thailand won a jackpot. Of her winnings, 2 million baht were donated to a temple. Her luck was in again the following year with another big win.

His donation comes just weeks after 67-year-old Thai monk, Montri Samajjo (known as Monk Piak) won an 18 million baht jackpot. The monk had to borrow money from another at the temple to purchase the tickets. You can be assured he’s paid that loan back. The monk has donated some of his winnings to a temple and also gave 1 million baht to each of his three children.

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