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A Pint of Milk and a £1m Winning Scratchcard Please
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Darren Donaghey from Newcastle Upon Tyne was only supposed to be buying a pint of milk but ended up becoming a lottery millionaire after purchasing a £1m National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard.Darren works at a customer service adviser at a call centre has re-scheduled his working hours to allow him to spend more time with his family. When returning home, his wife.  Kate, 33, asked her husband if he could pop back out again and get a pint of milk. In Wales, Richard Davies won a £1m UK Lotto prize when his wife asked him to buy some mushy peas.Donaghey headed to the Walkers Superstore and the National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard caught his eye. Having some spare change, he decided to buy one.  The recent winner of a$22.3m New Zealand Powerball jackpot bought his ticket on a whim. In the USA, William Williams and Michele Conception from New York bought their$5m winning Fortune Lottery scratchcard after getting some change.He scratched off in his car and couldn’t believe it when he discovered he was holding a £1m winning National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard. “I just screamed but I also felt numb. I just couldn’t comprehend what was happening,” recalled the big winner. In Canada, Ranjini Cassup was still in shock a month after winning $175,000 playing the Lotto Max lottery. He rushed home, but his wife thought he was joking but a phone call to Camelot confirmed their win.The 33-year-old and his partner, Kate, 28, have two autistic children and plan to give their three-year-old daughter and six-year-old son the life they could only have dreamt of in the past. The National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard winners have long wanted to give their children larger rooms so now they plan on moving from their current two-bedroom house to one that has a sensory room for both of them. A family holiday is also being planned, perhaps they’ll go to Turkey which is where Welshman Jordon Morgan is going after his £70,000 National Lottery Red Hot 7’s Doubler scratchcard win.Mr Donaghey and his partner also plan on using some of their £1m National Lottery Monopoly Classic scratchcard win to help the autism charities that have helped his family so much. He said: “We want to raise more awareness of autism and this win will help us to do this.”For your chance to win with your favourite international lottery, play now at!