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All Europe loves EuroJackpot
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You might not have heard about it, but the EuroJackpot lottery is Europe's latest transnational lottery. The EuroJackpot lottery is the fastest growing lottery in the world. The jackpot was launched in March 2012, and by early 2013 over fourteen different countries participated in the European lottery. They include; Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Croatia. The EuroJackpot jackpot stands, on average, at around 13-15 million euros each week with an absolute minimum guaranteed weekly jackpot of 10 million euros. The EuroJackpot lotto is played, on average, by 247 million Europeans every week. The biggest ever recorded EuroJackpot jackpot win was a life-changing €46 million euros. One lucky German EuroJackpot ticket holder was the sole winner of that massive jackpot - the single biggest lotto win in German lotto history!The EuroJackpot lottery is similar to the EuroMillions lottery; however, the jackpots differ.The three biggest EuroJackpot jackpots include:
  • € 46 million (April 2013) - Germany
  • € 41 million (July 2013) - Germany
  • € 29 million (January 2013) - Finland
What could you do with such a jackpot?Recent Eurojackpot winners have gone on to spend some of their jackpot winnings on some really interesting and generous purchases. One German winner, who won €46 million euros, reportedly purchased a €4 million Westphalian mansion with sixteen bedrooms and an indoor heated pool. The same unnamed winner was also reported having purchased a limited edition Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG worth nearly €300,000. Excess is not entirely evident from jackpot wins, One Finnish winner, an unemployed carpenter, reportedly spent part of his €29 million winnings on a large donation to his daughters school re-building campaign. Regardless of the jackpot, the EuroJackpot is a life changing win! So why don’t you give it a try and buy your EuroJackpot lottery tickets online at