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Better Times Ahead after £1m UK Lotto Win
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Better Times Ahead after £1m UK Lotto Win

A lottery win can often come at just the right time. That was the case for David and Shelley Adams from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, England. They won £1 million in the August 1 UK Lotto draw just a day after David had been made redundant.

Life hasn’t been easy for the couple for the past couple of they’ve experienced what they describe as a “catalogue of difficulties.” 2019 saw Shelley diagnosed with MS and that caused her to give up her job as a community carer. That didn’t just affect their finances but made his wife’s clinical anxiety worse.

2020 hadn’t gone well either with Mr Adams’ sister-in-law dying after a heart attack in April. Then in May, his brother died from the coronavirus. August wasn’t looking promising either as David lost his job putting their finances in an even worse state. Just a day later though, everything changed thanks to their £1 million UK Lotto windfall.

A Sleepless Night

It was David who found out they had become millionaires. He checked the UK Lotto results at 1.30 on Sunday morning. Immediately he told his wife the amazing news. He asked if she was awake, to which she replied, “well I am now.” She switched on the light and saw that her husband was shaking and became worried. Then he told her they’d won the lottery, but Shelley was furious thinking they’d only won “a tenner.” Her mood improved when seeing the results on his mobile phone.

Next to be disturbed was their son as they woke him up and asked him to double check the result. Their ticket had indeed matched five main balls and the bonus ball.

David only plays the lottery now and then and uses two lines of numbers that are important to the couple. They are even more important after this £1 million win. The numbers drawn in the August 1 UK Lotto draw were: 04-10-13-24-53-56 and the bonus ball 22.

Impossible Dream Comes True

The couple have friends and relatives in Canada, that they only ever see online. The thought of seeing them in person looked impossible but that’s all changed now. It’s going to be a totally new experience for Mrs Adams, 52. “I’ve never been on a plane or left the country before, it’s crazy to think the first time I do it will be first class all the way!”

Speaking about their difficult couple of years, Mrs Adams commented: “It's been a really tough time, but we stick together and try to keep smiling, whatever life has thrown at us. Never in our wildest dreams did we think the next thing thrown our way would be £1m." Other spending plans include David buying a Nissan Qashqai and perhaps a trip to the local Ford dealership too.

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