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Canadian Lotto Max winner says his win is a big responsibility
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The latest Lotto Max winner to come out of Canada has said that his win is a gift from God and therefore a big responsibility for him.Randall Rush, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, won $50 million on the Lotto Max game in January and as he collected his prizes from lottery officials last week he said that he will be taking the money very seriously. Mr. Rush purchased his Lotto Max ticket for the draw on January 16th, and went to check his ticket at his local store when he was buying some cat food for his pet, Conway Kitty.Mr. Rush said “I scanned a few and the very last one I checked was the winner,” as he recalled the moment that he discovered he had won the Lotto Max jackpot. “My eyes popped out of my head,” he continued as he said that his reaction in the store was so over the top that the girl at the checkout was also screaming. “I think I started hyperventilating, I was screaming!” he said.The Lotto Max winner said that he sees the “tremendous amount of money” as a gift from God, and he will use it wisely. My Rush said that his first plan for his Lotto winnings is to start a trust fund with the interest going to benefit certain charities and humanitarian efforts around the world.“This kind of money can really go a long way in foreign countries,” he told Lotto Max officials, continuing to say that he wants to leave a legacy that will be able to continue long after he passes away. “This foundation will still be going and it will keep on giving and giving.”Speaking to Alberta lottery officials about his big Lotto Max win, Mr. Rush said that words cannot describe the emotions he was feeling, saying that it is comparable to an avalanche. “It’s almost intoxicating, it’s indescribable, actually.” Mr. Rush, who quit his job almost immediately, has already spent a portion of the money living up to his name by buying himself a Porsche, and he also plans to buy a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette.As you already know, you must be in it to win it, so purchase your lottery tickets online now at