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Cheese on Toast for $5.02m NZ Powerball Winners
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Cheese on Toast for $5.02m NZ Powerball Winners

The owners of the tenth and final NZ Powerball ticket that shared a $51.6m jackpot on has been revealed. The lucky players are a couple from Napier but they had no idea they had won the top prize in the August 15 draw.

Why is she taking so long?

The couple made their shock discovery after their daughter had told them where the winning ticket had been sold. Her mother told her to “dream on.” They headed to the Andrew Spence Pharmacy in Onekawa not knowing that in the wife’s handbag was the winning NZ Powerball ticket. The husband, who sat in the car while his wife went into Andrew Spence Pharmacy in Onekawa to check their ticket, began to question why his partner was taking so long.

When his wife did finally return, she had a big smile on her face. Then she handed her husband the claim form and began to laugh. The couple have asked to remain anonymous, but the delighted wife said: “I don’t swear very often, but I did at that moment. When I saw how much we had won, I thought ‘am I really seeing this?’”

Holidays and Houses on the Shopping List

The celebrations continued all night but with a drink of rum. As for food, it was cheese on toast as “we couldn’t really stomach a lot.” The NZ Powerball winners they have already decided to help their children buy their first homes, go on holidays, and save the rest. The wife joked: “I can’t help but feel guilty when I buy myself something new, but I guess I won’t be doing that anymore.”.

It’s perhaps not too big a shock that they won so much money. The store is considered to be the second luckiest Lotto store in Hawke’s Bay. Knowing that they had sold the winning NZ Powerball ticket, the store was just waiting for the winner to claim their fantastic prize with a bottle of champagne on ice.

The numbers that made the Napier couple NZ Powerball millionaires were: 12-21-08-22-23-27 and the Powerball 01. All ten ticket holders have now claimed their prizes.

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