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Colin and Chris Weir
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After landing the biggest jackpot win in the history of the EuroMillions Lottery in July 2011, Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir - who won a staggering £161,653,000, have announced that they are to donate an undisclosed, seven-figure sum to Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, to offer his party, the Scottish National Party, a boost to further drive its current campaign for Scottish independence.

EuroMillions winner Colin Weir, 64, stood for the SNP in Ayr in 1987 and is a longstanding member; Chris Weir, his partner, 55, has been described as delighted to be in a position to use their lottery win to make a contribution to the political future of Scotland.

Not only is this National Lottery win the first of its kind, but this is also the first political donation of its kind in the UK. The Weir’s donation is set to become the largest single donation the SNP has ever received.

Alex Salmond is said to have written to them immediately following their lottery win to congratulate them. He has also since expressed his heartfelt appreciation for their generosity. But if you thought this couple had only politics on their minds after their monumental EuroMillions win, you’d be mistaken.

Colin and Chris Weir are alleged to have run up a tab of £30,000 at the five-star Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire recently, as well as relocated from their modest, £200,000 former home to a new home with 23 acres of grounds, costing in excess of £850,000. Their EuroMillions lottery win now catapults them up to 430th on the UK’s rich list, on par with David and Victoria Beckham!

It’s no wonder football fanatic Colin Weir is reportedly seeking out an executive box at Barcelona Football Club’s Camp Nou Stadium. Their well-deserved extravagances appear to be tempered by an acute sense of social justice and political awareness that is refreshing to see after such a huge lottery jackpot.

Previous lottery jackpot record winners include Nigel Page and Justine Laycock who won £56,000,000 and opted to go public about their win. Many previous jackpot lottery winners have opted to conceal their identity and avoid the limelight.

Would you go public after a National Lottery win? Perhaps the words of Mark Twain will shed some limelight of their own, where he once wrote, “Honesty is the best policy when there is money in it”.

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