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Double EuroMillions win
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Most of us would be content to win EuroMillions once. Having said that, we wouldn’t refuse the lottery prize if we were fortunate enough to win twice! Meet George Traykov, a Bulgarian property developer who has recently won £160,873 on EuroMillions.

He adds this latest lotto windfall to the £1m he won in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle back in 2011. You’re probably expecting us to tell you about his lavish new lifestyle. Or make you even more envious with a list of exquisite properties he has purchased in sought-after global locations. Or to disclose details of his many garages full of expensive fast cars... Well, we’re sorry to disappoint, but George Traykov hasn’t embraced his amazing lottery windfall as others might. In fact he’s incredibly laid back about the whole affair.

According to he had this to say about his first EuroMillions win: ‘I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, so I had to waste a whole box of champagne until I got it spraying right.’ And when he learnt of his second EuroMillions win? ‘I wasn’t really that bothered. Nothing compares with skydiving.’ To put this into perspective, George Traykov is a former member of the Bulgarian skydiving team. Unlike most lottery winners, he hasn’t bought the obligatory palatial mansion. Instead, he prefers to remain in the Ilford property he purchased back in 1995. He said: ‘I didn’t know anyone at that time and I didn’t have much money, and the only place I could afford a home was Ilford. The place, the area, it is very safe, I have lovely neighbours.’ So what on earth did he do, if anything, with his EuroMillions winnings? He told The Metro: ‘The first win enabled me to make a few changes in my life, most importantly sending my daughter Elaine to private school and maintaining her skydiving training sessions.’ To each his own!

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