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Easter Lottery Success for Players Around the World
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Easter Lottery Success for Players Around the World

The weekend produced some Easter Lottery success as there were several jackpot winners, particularly in European draws.

Lotto 6 aus 45 Jackpot Won

Sunday’s Lotto 6 aus 45 saw some Easter success as one ticket landed the €2,579,792 top prize. More big wins followed in Sunday’s Joker draw with a single ticket winning the €224,715 jackpot.

Bonoloto Jackpot Won in Successive Draws

It was a successful weekend for players of the Bonoloto jackpot. Saturday saw one ticket win the €1,075,202 top prize. More Easter success followed with a jackpot win of €238,435 on Monday. There was also a runner-up win of €127,165.There was a rollover in Saturday’s La Primitiva draw. The jackpot on Thursday will be a massive €17.4m. No jackpot success in Sunday’s El Gordo draw and for players for this Sunday will be hoping to win the €5.8m top prize.The Lotto 6 aus 49 held on Saturday failed to produce a winner of the top prize with Wednesday’s jackpot now up to €10m. There was some Easter success in the Super 6 draw with six players each claiming the €100,000 jackpot.

€141m SuperEnalotto Jackpot This Evening

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw had a massive €139.2m jackpot but still no big winner. It was a draw dominated by high numbers as tickets failed to match 05-18-76-87-88-89 and the Jolly 17. Tonight’s draw has a €141m top prize, the fourth-highest in SuperEnalotto history.Due to a public holiday, there will be no SuperEnalotto drawing on 25 April.

Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $192m

There was no Easter success in Friday’s $175m Mega Millions draw. Tickets sold were unable to get 18-25-43-44-57 and the Mega Ball 25. It was a lucky draw for a ticket sold in Sioux City, Iowa, as it won the $1m second-tier prize. Tonight’s jackpot is $192m.The following evening players hoped to win the $136m Powerball jackpot but it’s now worth $150m tomorrow after a rollover. The numbers drawn on Saturday were 03-27-30-63-65 and the Powerball was 01.

£38m EuroMillions Jackpot Tonight

The EuroMillions jackpot on Good Friday was £31.2m but ended in a rollover. The elusive numbers were 07-08-32-41-49 and the two Lucky Stars were 05 and 11. That means tonight’s top prize is up to £38m.

Will the £8.9m UK Lotto Jackpot be Won Tomorrow?

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw had a £7.5m top prize but tickets were unable to match 07-08-11-17-34-54 and the Bonus Ball 04. One ticket holder had a great Easter windfall as it matched five main balls and the Bonus Ball to win £1m. Tomorrow’s draw has an £8.9m jackpot.

EuroJackpot Draw Ends in Rollover

The top prize in Friday’s EuroJackpot draw was €51m but there was no winner of the jackpot. The unmatchable numbers were 18-21-37-43-47 and the two EuroNumbers 01 and 03. Three tickets won the second-tier prize of €681,183. Friday’s draw has a €63m jackpot.

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