€2.59 billion El Gordo de Navidad Draw on Friday

€2.59 billion El Gordo de Navidad Draw on Friday

€2.59 billion El Gordo de Navidad Draw on Friday

When it comes to lotteries at Christmas, all eyes will be on Spain’s El Gordo de Navidad.  This traditional lottery takes place on Friday December 22nd  and has a massive prize fund of €2.59 billion (£2,253 million). Will you be a winner?

Just imagine if a ticket purchased from Lottery24 was to be a winning one? That’d be great just a few days before Christmas, so good luck with that.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas in Spain without the El Gordo de Navidad. No one knows what it’s like to have a Christmas when the draw doesn’t take centre stage. That’s because it’s been running since 1812.  

Players have been hoping to win big prizes in the El Gordo de Navidad in three different centuries! Not even the Spanish Civil War stopped the draw taking place.

It’s often said that Christmas seems to start earlier every year but Spain doesn’t seem to mind. Tickets for this draw begin going on sale in the summer. That means for many tourists, buying an El Gordo de Navidad ticket is part of their holiday.

Massive jackpot

The jackpot on Friday is a fantastic €4 million. Tickets are sold in tenths so if your number is the big winner you’ll win a tenth of the jackpot. There are plenty of other great prizes that can also be won, so don’t forget to buy a ticket from Lottery24.

Everything about the  El Gordo de Navidad lottery is special, especially its adverts.  Most lottery draws around the world aren’t really that thrilling are they? Just a case of drawing out the numbers and then players check to see if they’ve had a win or not.

It’s all going to be a bit different on Friday though, far more an occasion to remember than just a lottery draw.

Dramatic draw

Those attending the draw at the Teatro Real theatre in Madrid (rather than a television studio) often wear fancy dress. When the numbers are drawn, it’s not a celebrity that does so but local schoolchildren who sing the winners. It’s a draw like no other!

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