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Eurojackpot has set its first record
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The Euro Jackpot lottery was set up in March 2012 to rival the ever popular lottery game, EuroMillions. As EuroMillions is a pan-european game, its jackpots are a lot higher than would be possible for a national lottery, which is why Germany, Finland, Estonia, Crotia, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lthuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden got together to create the Euro Jackpot. Drawn every Friday in Helsinki, the Euro Jackpot lottery boasts the best odds for a euro lottery, however not as high jackpots as the EuroMillions manages.Approximately 243 million people play the Euro Jackpot lottery, a pretty impressive achievement for a lotto which has only been running for 18 months, and it has already broken records.April 2013 saw the EuroJackpot’s highest jackpot since establishment won by a single player; a total of €46 million was taken home by a single player from the Rhine Main area and beat the 1 in 59,000,000 million odds. Not only that, but the lottery prize was the largest amount ever won by an individual in Germany. Until now, no German had ever won more than €37.7 million from a single ticket and the biggest jackpot won in Germany was previously €45.4 million, which was won and split between three different ticket holders.It might be surprising that Germany have had such seemingly bad luck in their lotto history, with their National Lottery providing the funds for their biggest coups until now, so perhaps the mystery winner from the Rhine area will bring some luck to the rest of the country, and somebody will take home one of the famous EuroMillions fortunes worth over €100 million. But really, nobody is going to sniff at €46 million, are they?Try your chance and play EuroJackpot online at