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Extra Naan Bread for £100,000 National Lottery Scratchcard Winner
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A mother from Tewkesbury in England had a day she’ll never forget. Mandy Carter’s day began with some scratchcard wins in the morning and ended with a £100,000 National Lottery scratchcard win and a slap-up meal with an extra treat.The lucky player had that early National Lottery scratchcard success and then headed to her local Morrisons to cash them in and use their bathroom facilities. ‘Roque II’ from Maryland, USA, re-invested his scratchcard winnings and won a $150,000 Powerball prize. At the counter, she saw a rack that had just one scratchcard in it and she decided it had to be hers. Mandy scratched the card off in her car but initially thought she’d won just £100. English couple Ruth and Peter Doyle at first though they’d won £25 but It turned out to be a £1m EuroMillions win.Then she looked again and “realised there was a couple more zeros. It was £100,000,” said the shocked National Lottery scratchcard winner who then burst into tears. A woman from Roscommon in Ireland, thought she might have made a mistake but had won a €250,000 scratchcard prize. Canadian Diana Becker initially didn’t trust her eyes when discovering she’d won $1m playing Lotto 6/49.Still in shock over her National Lottery scratchcard win, she phoned her mother to tell her the news. When she again started crying, her mother there was bad news on its way, but it was the exact opposite. Next to be contacted was her daughter, Hannah, who at first thought her mother was playing a trick on her but finally believed her when shown the winning National Lottery scratchcard.Later that evening they all had a slap-up curry meal at a local Indian restaurant. Considering she’d just had a £100,000 National Lottery scratchcard win, Mandy treated herself to extra naan.The lucky winner has so far paid off a few bills and purchased a new three-piece suite. She isn’t sure how to spend her National Lottery scratchcard winnings. “I’m just taking some time out, letting it all sink in and then I'll make some decisions in a few weeks' time,” she said. A family holiday is planned at some point in the future.  Perhaps they’ll go on an Alaskan cruise like $1m Lotto 6/49 winner Sherry Edwards from Canada.“The whole situation is very surreal and overwhelming, I can’t quite believe it has happened,” she added.If you fancy getting yourself in on the winning, give yourself a chance by playing online now at