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Irishman had no idea he had a winning ticket on a National Lottery TV show
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A man from Co Westmeath in Ireland has revealed that he had no idea he had his name on a ticket entered into the Winning Streak National Lottery TV Show.Oliver Flanagan, from Athlone, told the National Lottery that his uncle put his name on a ticket for the game’s live television show, and forgot to let him know about it. However, the bewildered lottery player won himself €23,000 in the lottery game, and he said that he’ll make sure his uncle Sean sees some of its fortune. A woman from Co Kilkenny who won $50,000 on a scratch card revealed that she also won big on the Winning Streak game show 11 years ago.The National Lottery’s Winning Streak game pulls a player’s card out of a spinning drum on a Saturday night, but last weekend the writing on the ticket was not easy to read, and so officials couldn’t be certain who the winner said. “The writing on the scratch card was not the easiest to decipher and there was no way of reading the phone number,” a lottery official said. A Powerball winner from Oregon also had no idea he was a winner because he didn’t check his ticket for two weeks, while a lottery player from Michigan was so surprised to find out that she was the owner of a Keno winning ticket that she bought a round of drinks for everyone at the bar.Instead, the National Lottery decided to find out where the scratch card was purchased, because they decided that the retailer could well know who the mystery customer was. Unfortunately, however, the ticket was purchased at a petrol station and therefore could have been sold to any passer-by. “The writing on the card looked like DJ Flanagan,” the lottery official said. “But after some digging we found out that it was OJ Flanagan.” A store worker from Kansas was praised earlier this year after he tracked down the owner of a $1 million winning lottery ticket.The National Lottery even put out an appeal on local radio in Co Westmeath, but that didn’t help since the true winner had no idea that he had an entry in the game! When Oliver denied ever sending in a ticket, he was asked if anyone could have put his name on the ticket for him, “Sean revealed that he had sent in the card and has been doing it in his nephews name for the past two years!” the National Lottery official said. Recently a college graduate won big on a “Win for Life” scratch card which was given to her as a gift by her father.You could become next big winner... just play online at