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Italy’s SuperEnalotto worth over €20 million
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Italy’s most popular lottery, the SuperEnalotto, is set to be worth over €20 million for its next draw on Saturday August 9th, for the first time since the jackpot was last won.Last SuperEnalotto jackpot worth €20.8 million was paid out in Olbia, in the isle of Sardinia on Saturday, May 24th 2014, that means it has been a huge 32 draws since the jackpot was last won. You won’t be surprised then, that after 32 rollovers the jackpot is going to be worth €20.4 million.The last draw took place on Thursday, August 7th, and the drawn numbers 10, 29, 50, 59, 79 and 80 as well as the Jolly number of 11 all failed to match the same ticket purchased for the draw. Lottery fans will be hoping that now that the jackpot is worth such large amounts, they’ll be able to defeat the odds and take home the lusted after bounty.If the jackpot is won on Saturday, it will be the fourth jackpot win of 2014, after winners from Puglia, Tuscany and Sardinia have all taken home top prizes since January. Since the beginning of the year, the SuperEnalotto game has found itself selling €606.5 million worth of tickets, proving that Italy’s most popular lottery is still one of the most coveted prizes in the lottery world.Depending on where you’re based in Italy, the winner of this jackpot will certainly have plenty to choose from when it comes to spending their money. A poolside villa in the province of Lucca could be yours for just €11 million, while a castle-esque property in Rieti is a pinch at just €8.5 million. Meanwhile, a trip to Milan would give you the opportunity to spend your millions at luxury Italian designer stores such as Prada, where your €20 million would get you 8,000 handbags or over 44,000 wallets, with change left over. Of course, the Italians have a penchant for their supercars, and the winner of the €20 million jackpot could find themselves with enough money for five of Italy’s most expensive supercar, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, and enough change for a shopping spree on the designer high street.Don’t miss next SuperEnalotto draw and purchase your tickets online at