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If you could see us now, you would see that we are rubbing our hands together in delight at the size of the next SuperEnalotto jackpot! It’s very exciting as it has reached an amazing €13,900,000. That’s almost €14 million. Just imagine what you could do with that sum of money?We would buy a super yacht, an assortment of expensive cars, a fabulous new home or three around the world, and of course start living the lottery winner’s lifestyle ASAP. How about you? Would you blow the lot on expensive ‘toys’ or invest in your future? Or perhaps you would choose to spoil your family and friends with luxury holidays and splendid gifts?The SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot has rolled six times. It is just waiting for a very lucky player to match all six numbers in the next draw and to become the next incredibly lucky lottery winner of this game.Six players came very close to bagging the lottery jackpot in Saturday 20th July’s SuperEnalotto draw by matching five numbers. They narrowly missed claiming the €11 million jackpot by one number. That’s got to hurt!Still these six second-tier prize winners each took home €40,249.59, so it wasn’t all bad. And an incredible 565 SuperEnalotto players matched four numbers to win €430.63 each too. The lottery results for this draw were 14, 15, 34, 55, 59, 81 and Jolly number 46.If you could see yourself adapting to the millionaire lifestyle, why not start playing the SuperEnalotto? Did you know you have an amazing three opportunities every week to win a prize, or even the lottery jackpot, on this Italian lotto game? Purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at, and get ready for draws every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.