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Mega Millions Jackpot Goes Over Half a Billion Dollars
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Rollovers dominated the midweek lottery draws and in the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday will be $548m, the highest of the year.The SuperEnalotto jackpot on Tuesday was €48.6m but the draw ended in a rollover so there’s a €49.5m top prize on Thursday. The numbers no tickets could match were: 10-36-49-53-77-85 and the Jolly 35.The EuroMillions jackpot had been won in the past two draws but there was no hat-trick on Tuesday when the top prize was £14.8m. The elusive numbers were 03-12-36-44-45 and the two Lucky Stars 08 and 11. That’s the third draw in a row that 11 has been a Lucky Star. There were two winners of the runners-up prize, one sold in the UK won £251,382.80 and the other was purchased in Spain winning €378,735.40. On Friday, the jackpot is £24m. Hopefully we’ll get another big winner like the €29m EuroMillions winning syndicate from Ireland. There was success in the Thunderball draw with one winner of the £500,000 jackpot.In the USA, changes were made to theMega Millions last year promising higher jackpots and it’s worked. Tuesday’s draw had a $470m jackpot but another rollover has taken it through the half a billion dollars barrier. That’s because no tickets could match 20-22-39-54-60 and the Mega Ball 18. There was four second-tier winners with the tickets sold in California, Wisconsin, Colorado and Pennsylvania all winning $1m. On Friday, the top prize is a staggering $548m with the cash option $309m. It’s the highest jackpot of the year beating the $543m Mega Millions top prize won by a syndicate of Californian bank workers in July.Wednesday’s UK Lotto jackpot was £5.38m but the draw ended in a rollover. The unmatchable numbers were 10-49-50-53-54-56 and the Bonus Ball 04. Saturday’s top prize is £8.1m.There was a €2,425,241.30 second-tier win in Wednesday’s Lotto 6 aus 49 draw, The Joker draw produced a jackpot winner of €403,745.20 One ticket was able to win the €100,000 Super 6 top prize and two runners-up winners in the Lotto 6 aus 45 draw, both receiving €113,904.20.The Powerball jackpot on Wednesday was up to $282m but no tickets were able to match 08-23-27-42-60 and the Powerball 07. There were three winners of the runners-up prize with the tickets sold in Illinois, Kanas and Missouri. All win a million dollars just like Charles Dudley from Redding in Connecticut, USA, who claimed his $1m Powerball win just days before it was due to expire. On Saturday there’s a $314m top prize to be won.You have got to be in it to win it... purchase your tickets now at