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No more Ironing for $107 million Australian Powerball Winner
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No more Ironing for $107 million Australian Powerball Winner

Everything changed for a nurse from Sydney, Australia in January 2019. That was when the lucky player won a $107 million Australian Powerball jackpot. Her win has allowed her to give up the one thing she hated doing the most, the ironing.

Her win was Australia’s largest individual lottery win. The winner asked to remain anonymous, but we do know she’s a mother in her 40s. Amazingly, even after finding out about her $107 million Australian Powerball win, the nurse went to work that evening. Two years after the big win, she and her husband are still working. “We both love our jobs,” said the Australian Powerball winner.

Helping Others

Since her win, the nurse hasn’t thought twice about helping her local community. “If you change one person’s life, you have the potential to change the whole community,” she said. Some “really important donations” have been made and the Australian Powerball jackpot winner said: “We’re always thinking a lot about what we want to support next.”

A new house has been bought and it’s something the lucky nurse adores, saying: “Every time I walk into my beautiful home is a pinch me moment.” Despite being a multi-millionaire, she still does the cleaning and goes grocery shopping.

However, she’s always hated doing the ironing, so someone else does that for her now. “I’ll clean and cook, but I’m more than happy to never pick up an iron ever again,” she joked.

Some Nice Wine

Being able to go into a bookshop and buy anything she wants or to buy fresh flowers is something she loves. A “nicer bottle of wine” can now be afforded. When celebrating her Australian Powerball win, she only had a “cheap bottle of chardonnay.”

Going travelling with her children has been “incredible.” That’s something the Australian Powerball winner thought she’d never be able to do.

Her advice to future big lottery wins is to continue to go about your day-to-day life. “It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in,” she said. “Run, don’t walk, to a really good financial advisor,” is her advice.

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