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No Retirement for $17.25m New Zealand Powerball Winners
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No Retirement for $17.25m New Zealand Powerball Winners

A couple from Invercargill in New Zealand couldn’t believe they had won a $17.25 million jackpot in the April 26 New Zealand Powerball draw. But they insist that their win won’t change their lives too much.

The South Island residents say that they sat like “stunned mullets” after finding out about their fantastic win.

Their ticket had been purchased online on the morning of the New Zealand Powerball draw. However, the female half of the couple said that when she didn’t initially believe a jackpot had been won.

Logging into her account, she realised that their numbers had done rather well as she explained. “I saw my numbers line up followed by the words ‘Major PrIze Winner.’ But how much had their ticket won?

Oh my gosh

Her husband took a look and saw that their ticket had done rather well . “He stared at the screen, looked at me, and said, ‘Do you know how much that is?’ His wife thought that only $17,000 had been won but then she was told it was $17 million. All she could say was ‘Oh my gosh.”

It’s always going to be a massive shock when discovering such a great win. Do you believe it’s happened though? At first, her husband believed that someone might be playing a joke on them. It was all true though and they really had won a $17 million New Zealand Powerball jackpot.

Soon after the laughter and tears began. Such was the shock that the male half df the lucky couple says he’s surprised that he didn’t have a heart attack.

A sleepless night followed but the following day saw them constantly looking at a screenshot of their winning New Zealand Powerball ticket.

Living life like normal

The couple say that the win will “help our family so much.” Once everything has calmed down, they want to go on a family holiday. What then? Well, retirement is out of the question for them.  Both will keep working and want to be “living life like normal.”

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