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People’s Postcode Lottery Winners to Help their Families
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People’s Postcode Lottery Winners to Help their Families

History was made in December with a record People’s Postcode Lottery win. £8.4 million was distributed to over 500 neighbours in Rochester in Kent, England.

One lucky couple who won £342,375 in the December 17 People’s Postcode Lottery draw were Stephen and Tracey. They plan on spending some of their winnings on their family. At present their youngest son, his wife and two babies live with them. They are saving up for a deposit and the generosity of their parents will give that fund a big boost.

Another child will receive help in renovating their house. Their eldest child is getting married, so that looks like being a larger than planned celebration.

Part-Time plan

The People’s Postcode Lottery win is great news for Tracey. Her distribution job sees her having to get up at half past four each morning. Now she plans on going part-time and perhaps retire earlier than planned. A holiday in Mexico is also on their wish list as well as a new bathroom and a driveway for their home.

Also winning £342,275 in the People’s Postcode Lottery draw was great-grandmother Betty. Her daughter was lucky too with a £7,522 win. Betty didn’t realize that she’d won such a large amount.  “I don’t think I even read it properly, I thought it was £3,000 at first,” said the surprised winner.

A trendy great grandma

The 85-year-old wants a new car. No wonder her daughter describes her as a “trendy great-grandma.” With her People’s Postcode Lottery win, Betty will now be able to “pay a little bit more now.”

Life has been a bit of a struggle in recent months for Jodi but her £342,275 win will change her life. The administrator says that the win is “more than we could have dreamed of really.”  Her two children will receive special treats. He daughter won’t just have her driving lessons paid for, but a new car purchased too. As for Jodi, she’ll finally get the conservatory that has been a dream for a while.

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