Record $1.55 bn Mega Millions Jackpot on Tuesday

Record $1.55 bn Mega Millions Jackpot on Tuesday

Record $1.55 bn Mega Millions Jackpot on Tuesday

Will Tuesday 8 August be the night that Mega Millions history could be made. The jackpot is $1.55 billion and that will be the largest ever top prize in the history of this American lottery.

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There’s expected to be a massive demand for tickets and that could lead to an even larger jackpot on Tuesday. That's what happened last  Friday, when we expected the top prize to be $1.25 billion. By draw time that amount had risen to $1.35 billion.

Still no ticket was able to match 11-30-45-52-56 and the Mega Ball. The absence of any single-figure numbers or any from 12-29 made winning the jackpot even more difficult. 

There were nine tickets that were able to match the five main balls and become lottery millionaires. So close but so far but still a great win for all concerned.

The long wait for a jackpot

Not since April 18 has the Mega Millions jackpot been won. Now comes the biggest Mega Millions draw in history so make sure you buy a ticket from Lottery24.

The previous record Mega Millions jackpot was $1.537 billion. That was won by a ticket sold in South Carolina in October 2018. Tuesday’s jackpot is the third highest in US lottery history. 

Another rollover will see the jackpot go past the $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot won seven years ago. No wins on Tuesday or Friday will take it above the record $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot won last November.

Massive Cash value 

Tuesday’s draw has a cash value of a taxable $757.2 million. If there is a winner the lucky players(s) could decide to take their winnings as an annuity. That’d see one payment made followed by 29 more annual payments, each 5% higher than the previous one. That ensures that the win is protected against inflation.

Will we see history created on Tuesday or will we remain on course for another $2 billion jackpot? Only time will tell.

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