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Rona workers get the shock of their life as they win Canadian Lotto Max jackpot
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A group of co-workers from Canadian hardware store Rona have shared the Lotto Max highest ever jackpot paid out to a single ticket.The news broke of the Quebec win on Sunday, one day after the draw, as it was revealed that the $55 million jackpot was the highest ever to be won in the province. The twenty colleagues, each of whom will receive $2.75 million from Lotto Max officials, tax free, all work the night shift for the retailer in the south of Montreal. Claudine Forget, one of the twenty lucky lottery winners, told lottery officials that she was on the internet when one of her colleagues began talking to her online by saying “call me – it’s urgent.”Ms Forget said that she feared the worst when she read those four little words, and when they spoke on the phone and her co-worker told her to sit down, she said “I told him to stop. I thought something had happened to his family. Then he said we won $55 million.” An imagining of the worst possible news turned into the best possible news for Forget and her co-workers, all of whom attended Loto-Quebec headquarters together on Monday to make their Lotto Max claim.The syndicate group works in a first-come first served manner, and every week it is a different 20 co-workers who play the Lotto Max game together, meaning that whoever gets their name down on the signup sheet first is in with a chance of winning the top prize. This means that some of the lottery winners’ co-workers were less fortunate, and it all came down to speed.One of the syndicate members, Dominic Lord, said that when he took the ticket into the store to be checked, the attendant got more excited than he ever expected. “She kept on saying: ‘I’ve never seen this before, I’ve never seen this before,’” said Mr Lord, “I didn’t realise what she meant until she showed me. Everyone heard me scream.”Some of the 20 Lotto Max winners have said that they will now retire from their jobs at Rona, but most of them say they will continue to enjoy working. Other plans for the money include paying off mortgages and children’s education.To give yourself a chance of also becoming a winner, play online now at