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The Euro Jackpot lottery is on a steep climb!
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Europe’s newest lottery, the Euro Jackpot, has been causing a stir since it was created in March 2012, and in its quest to compete with the trans-European EuroMillions lottery the Euro Jackpot has provided some pretty enviable jackpot prizes so far.The largest jackpot was won over a year into its existence as a lucky German lottery player won €46 million from a single ticket, while jackpots of €41 and €29 million have also been recorded since. However, as interesting it is to hear about what other people have won, I’m sure that you’re more interested to hear about what you could win!Well, the EuroJackpot is on the climb again, as a winner for the highest jackpot prize has not been found since October 25th. That’s now six weeks without a jackpot winner and the total prize money has been rolling over since then! After the last draw on Friday, November 29th when no ticket holder was able to match all five numbers 17, 25, 32, 35 and 45 and the Euro numbers 4 and 7, the total jackpot prize available rolled over and became a massive €21 million! That’s almost half of the biggest jackpot ever given away in this lottery game, and it’s only taken six weeks for it to climb that high.The creators of the Euro Jackpot lottery aimed to create a lottery that would see faster climbing jackpots, and that is exactly what we are seeing here. We are sure that the member countries will be closely watching this lottery jackpot climb up, and we will be too! The next draw is on Friday 6th December and hopefully somebody will become a lucky lottery millionaire! But if not, the jackpot will continue to climb and we may well soon see another record!Don’t forget to purchase your EuroJackpot lottery tickets online at