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Twenty-two North Carolinians share $1 million Mega Millions prize
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A group of 22 colleagues from North Carolina in the USA have shared a $1 million Mega Millions lottery prize and revealed a huge range of spending plans for their cash.The group, all of whom work at Union County Department of Social Services in North Carolina, each took home $32,000 in the Mega Millions drawing last Tuesday, the same night that a $1.6 billion jackpot was up for grabs. One of those lucky winners was Lamon Reaves, who revealed that he wants to use his portion of the lottery prize to find a piece of American history.“I’m going to go to Oregon and visit the last Blockbuster store,” Mr Reaves said, referring to the video rental chain which is now defunctin most of the world, except for Oregon. “It’s Blockbuster. It’s historical and nostalgic,” the Mega Millions winner explained. A workplace syndicate from Ontario in Canada shared a $172,000 Lotto Max prize earlier this year, while a group of colleagues from a hospital in Ireland recently took home €500,000 on the EuroMillions Plus with the first every ticket they bought.Mr Reaves’ colleagues have different ideas as to how they will each spend their $32,000, with investments, paying off student loans and travel plans top of the list for many. Their Mega Millions ticket was one of two $1 million winning tickers in North Carolina during the drawing last Tuesday, October 23rd. When a group of neighbours from Devon in England won big on the People’s Postcode Lottery, they all also had very different plans for their prize winnings.Another winner, Barbara Medlin, plans to use her share of the winnings to pay the fees she needs to formally adopt a second child. She told Mega Millions officials that prior to the win she was $7,000 short of what she needed. Recently we suggested that the luckiest man in North Carolina was Timothy Kniess, who won big on the Education Lottery and survived a helicopter crash.The first member of the workplace syndicate to realise their Mega Millions fortune was DeCora Bowers, who told lottery officials that she checked the ticket against the winning numbers using her phone. “I was looking at the numbers and flipping through the tickets. When I got to the last one I couldn’t believe it,” she said. That’s exactly how two brothers from North Carolina felt when they found out they’d won $277,777 on a scratch off lottery game called ‘777’.Lady Luck could be waiting for you anytime at