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Two Winnipeg Winners Celebrate $1m Lotto Max Windfalls
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Steven Bernjak and Lorne Ronald from Winnipeg, Canada were both celebrating after winning $1m on Lotto Max.“I was completely shocked. I could not believe it – I still can’t" said Steven Bernjak after discovering he’d won one of the 53 Maxmillions prizes in the Lotto Max.
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The Time for Giving

Bernjak is determined to use his Lotto Max win wisely, promising that he doesn’t “want to be wasteful.” He plans to invest some of his windfall, but also wants to buy a high-end gaming system as well as making charitable donations. Garry Sharma from British Columbia, Canada plans to do the same with his $1m Lotto 6/49 win including donations to animal shelters. In the USA, Pearlie Mae Smith from New Jersey is donating 10% of her$429.6m Powerball jackpot winto charity.

More winners

Also celebrating a $1m Lotto Max win is Lorne Ronald. He always hoped that his ticket purchase will win him something but admits his big win is “crazy” and never expected it. When finding out about his Lotto Max win he quickly phoned his daughter unlike the recent$50,000 Powerball winner from Maryland, USA, whose first call was to his accountant.
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Lorne’s daughter initially didn't believe the news of her father’s Lotto Max win. “She kept saying, ‘No. No, that can’t be true,'" he joked. Lorne said "It took us both a while to actually believe it is true”. Fellow Canadian Diana Becker felt the same after discovering she’dwon $1m playing Lotto 6/49.The Lotto Max winner hasn’t got any major plans for his windfall. “I’m going to start with just getting organised,” he said. “I think the majority of the money will go into savings and be used at another time.”

Winnipeg Windfalls

He purchased the winning ticket at Mississippi Jack’s Car Wash in Winnipeg. It’s the latest big win in Winnipeg after two big scratchcard wins including a $1.54m ‘Scratch ‘n’ Win’ prize. Also celebrating recently were four friends from Winnipeg who shared a $3.5m Lotto 6/49 windfall.
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