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UK Lotto Must Be Won lottery results and more from this week
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UK Lotto Must Be Won lottery results and more from this week

The big lotteries were all drawn again midweek. The UK Lotto had a Must Be Won draw while other lotteries continue to roll over.

UK Lotto had to be won on Wednesday

The UK Lotto had rolled over the maximum number of times by Wednesday. This meant that the draw was a Must Be Won.The numbers 5-8-40-41-43-45 plus Bonus Ball 23 came out of the ball machine, but nobody was an outright jackpot winner. This means that the jackpotwas rolled down to lower prize tiers.For matching 5 numbers plus the bonus ball, one lucky winner took home £1.37m, instead of the usual £1m. All other prize tiers were also boosted thanks to the special draw. The jackpot on Saturday night will be worth £3.8m.

Mega Millions takes the title of biggest US jackpot

Thanks to recent lottery results, Mega Millions is now the US lottery with the biggest jackpot. When the drawing took place on Tuesday night, it was worth a huge $121m.The numbers 8-12-31-48-2 plus Mega Ball 23 were all drawn. Unfortunately, no player matched all of those, and the jackpot rolls over again. One player in Pennsylvania did win the $1m prize for matching the first five numbers.Mega Millions is now worth a huge $137m for Friday night.

Powerball starts to roll again

The Powerball began back at $40 million after a ticket is Tennessee won the huge jackpot at the weekend. The numbers drawn this time were 19-43-47-60-68 plus Powerball 10 were required to win the top prize.No player held a ticket which matched those numbers and that means the Powerball rolls over. It’ll be worth $53 million for the next drawing on Saturday evening.

SuperEnalotto still to go

With three draws per week, there’s more chances to win SuperEnalotto. This Tuesday’s drawing ended with no winners, yet again.The Thursday night draw is now worth a staggeringly massive €190.4m. Will it ever make it to €200m or will you be the one to win it?

EuroMillions has a huge jackpot in time for a special draw

Tuesday night’s EuroMillions drawing was worth just over £88 million. Players needed to match numbers 3-5-13-18-39 plus Lucky Stars 7 and 8 to take the entire prize home.No one could do that across Europe, and although 6 players matched 5 numbers and one lucky star for £1m, none of those were in the UK.The jackpot now rolls over to £96 million on Friday night when a special drawing is taking place to make a guaranteed 20 UK Millionaires. Find out more about the special EuroMillions draw.

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