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Workplace syndicate from Hampshire find all the luck they need in the EuroMillions Raffle
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Three workmates from Hampshire have found themselves co-owners of a million pound prize after their raffle numbers came up in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle last week.The trio from the county in southern England, who work together at a company dealing in sailing holidays, have up until now always reinvested their winnings in extra tickets for the following draw, and that is exactly what they did for the draw on Friday February 28th. Buying a few extra tickets for the weekend draw, the syndicate group didn’t even check the results until the following Monday when they were all at work together.Syndicate leader, Terry Hunt, 41, checked their ticket online when he got into the office that the trio share, and immediately had to call over his colleagues as he couldn’t believe his eyes. Andy Wallace, 45, said that they then had what felt like the longest wait of their lives as they watched the seven minutes go past before the lottery prize validation line opened at 9am.Together with third syndicate member Alison Gruar, 35, the group have been playing the EuroMillions lottery for every Tuesday and Friday draw for the last three years, and have up until now only won smaller prizes from the lower tiered funds. They said that ever since their lottery win they have been referring to the day they found out they were winners as ‘Wonderful Monday’ and have been delighted with how pleased their other colleagues have been for them.The trio will each receive an equal third of their million pound Millionaire Raffle prize and each of them has very different plans for their money. While not one of them has decided to leave their job and become frivolous spenders, their individual situations call for different approaches to lottery spending.Terry, who is from Havant, is currently planning his dream wedding to his long-term partner, and is grateful that his lottery winnings will be able to go towards a dream honeymoon, as well as buying their own home and settling down together with their son.Andy, who insists that the entire day was a huge shock for him, spoke of how he will be able to pay off his mortgage and set aside some money for his children thanks to the EuroMillions win. However he agrees that while it is good to be sensible, he is entitled to a bit of frivolity, and therefore is going to buy himself a Land Rover.Alison, on the other hand, speaks of how this lottery windfall couldn’t have come at a better time. After getting married and buying a new house at the beginning of the year, she says that together with her husband and young child she has recently been extremely worried about money. After the EuroMillions win, she is delighted that she will finally be able to stop watching every penny and relax.The EuroMillions Super Draw takes place this Friday, 7th March with an estimated jackpot of £80 million, as well as another chance to win the UK Millionaire Raffle. Purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at