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Yes Scotland revealed to have been almost completely bankrolled by lottery winners
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The campaign for Scottish independence has taken on speed in recent months, and now it has been revealed that the ‘Yes’ campaign has been funded almost entirely by Scotland’s most famous lottery winners.Last month we reported that Colin and Christine Weir had donated £2.5 million in the last year to the campaign which aims to give Scotland its independence and complete separation from England and the United Kingdom. The couple, who famously won the EuroMillions’ largest ever jackpot back in 2011, are outspoken supporters of the Scottish National Party and are proud to be involved in the campaign.The £161 million lottery winners have been said to have donated £3.5 million to the Yes Scotland campaign since it was launched two years ago, a sum that is reported to be 80 per cent of the campaign’s total funding. The campaign has to date been funded by £4.5 million in an effort to bolster Scotland’s attempts to separate from the United Kingdom.Despite the Yes Scotland campaign having more funds overall, thanks to the lottery winners’ donations, the opposing campaign has been receiving significantly more small donations, leading the leaders of the Better Together campaign to believe that the support for Scotland to remain with the UK is stronger numerically even if it isn’t financially. The publication of Alex Salmond’s SNP figures was little more than an attempt to persuade Scottish residents that the Yes Campaign was more popular than it really is, say the Labour party, adding that the lottery winners’ donations do not change the opinions of the country as a whole.The latest supporters’ poll has shown that only a third of Scots would support a move for Scotland to leave the UK, and should this happen then Scottish residents may well consider a move to England or Wales. The EuroMillions lottery winners have been outspoken about their lifelong support of the SNP and their desire for Scotland to gain its independence, but the question remains that should Scotland leave the UK, would it, as a new independent country, automatically be granted entry into the EuroMillions lottery?Try your luck and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at