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Which American lottery is top of the leader board?

The scores back in March were Mega Millions 4 – 1 Powerball for lottery jackpot wins so far this year. So let’s see which American lottery is in the lead.

We thought with all the jackpot-winning activity from Powerball lately that it had finally caught up with Mega Millions. But alas no, Mega Millions is still in the lead with four lottery jackpot payouts to Powerball’s three. Still that’s another two jackpot wins under Powerball’s belt, whilst Mega Millions continues to roll.

Despite producing four lottery jackpot winners in quick succession at the beginning of the year, America’s Mega Millions has not been so generous lately.

The last Mega Millions jackpot winner was from Ohio and won $41 million in Tuesday 12th March’s draw. Before that a grandmother from Maryland took home $26 million on 19th February, and Judy Juntunen from Michigan won $19 million on 5th February. Angel Guallpa-Mayancela from New Jersey was the first Megamillions lottery jackpot winner of the year with $89 million.

Whereas, Powerball has suddenly started releasing its jackpot bounty with more regularity. The latest winner’s identity is still unknown, but we do know that they purchased their ticket in Freemont, Illinois. That relatively small outlay equalled a $50 million return in the form of the lotto jackpot from Saturday 30th March’s draw.

Prior to this, Pedro Quezada from New Jersey pocketed Saturday 23rd March’s jackpot amounting to a whopping $338 million. The first Powerball lottery jackpot winner of 2013 was Dave Honeywell of Fredericksburg. He won $217.2 million on 6th February.

Although Powerball is trailing behind with the amount of jackpot winners, it has produced the biggest combined lottery jackpot total won so far this year. The four Mega Millions jackpots combined equal $175 million to Powerball’s three combined which total $605.2 million.

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