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SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot wins don’t come along that often, but when they do they score highly in both news and monetary terms.

Players of Italy’s popular SuperEnalotto game have had to wait seven long months for the latest lottery winners to take the jackpot. The previous time, it was last won on 30th August 2012 by a single ticket-holder who banked €12,321,539.

Not much is known about the 40-strong syndicate who have just won the €53.3 million lottery jackpot on the 16th March draw. But we suspect if you visited the small town of Palazzolo dello Stella (Udine) in Italy where the winning ticket was purchased, the lotto winners would be very easy to spot. Taking a guess, they would be the residents with huge smiles on their faces generously buying drinks for everyone.

When the syndicate started out it had 100 members, but is now down to 40; those former 60 members must be more than a little disappointed right now. The current members consist of all ages, and include both men and women.

The syndicate leader is called Rocco Cogol, who also owns the newsstand where the SuperEnalotto ticket was purchased. Not only has he bagged a €1.25 million share of the win, but locals are affectionately referring to him as ‘Rocco-fella’. The other 39 syndicate members also take home €1.25 million each after taxes.

Other sizeable SuperEnalotto jackpots won in the past include €177 million in October 2010, €147,807,299.08 in August 2009, €100,756,197.30 in October 2008 and €71,767,565.57 in May 2005.

Fancy having a go on the SuperEnalotto but don’t reside in Italy? That’s not a problem. You can play online at, and purchase tickets for the draws which take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.