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Mega Millions lottery holds onto its fortune for another week

Mega Millions is still hiding away in Powerball’s shadow, having not produced a lottery jackpot winner for some time now. Powerball on the other hand continues to bask in all the lottery glory with a very impressive and recent payout of $338m. Mega Millions seems to be waiting patiently before it gives out another lottery jackpot. Rollovers may be frustrating for those hoping to win big on the night, but they are not all bad news. The one thing a rollover does ensure is a bigger and better jackpot when the time is right. The estimated jackpot for tonight draw is $83 million! So for now we’ll forgive Mega Millions for being tight and watch its bounty grow, because the next lottery jackpot winner is most definitely on the horizon. In the meantime, we should at least acknowledge that Mega Millions has paid out some lower tier prizes to its players whilst it holds on to the lotto jackpot. Second tier lottery winners include eight ticket-holders who matched the first five numbers drawn to win $250,000 each on Friday 12th April. They hail from Michigan, Texas, California, Wisconsin and Missouri, plus a further three players from New York. In case you were wondering the numbers drawn were: 1, 10, 13, 19, 21 and Mega Ball 28. Tuesday 9th April brought five second tier prize winners also winning $250,000 each. Again they matched the first five numbers, but nobody matched all five plus the Mega Ball to swipe the lottery jackpot. The five winners are from New York, Texas, New Jersey and two from California. Their winning numbers were: 17, 30, 41, 48, 54 but not the Mega Ball which was number 13. Don’t forget that Mega Millions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday and Powerball draws every Wednesday and Saturday. Why not play them both online at