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The SuperEnalotto’s huge lottery jackpot of over €34 million is the result of several weeks of rollovers. Fans of Italy’s lottery game all over the world, including online lotto players, continue to keep the faith and wait for the draw that finally relinquishes the millions.

This could be any one of the weekly draws that make the SuperEnalotto such a popular lotto game. Players have not one, not two, but three chances to win the lottery jackpot every week with draws on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The last winners of the SuperEnalotto jackpot were ironically from Italy, more precisely from Palazzolo dello Stella. They had to endure over seven months of rollovers before they scooped the rewards. No doubt they are still celebrating their exceptional luck. We wonder if the 40-strong syndicate has made much of a dent in their equal share of the €53.3 million jackpot from Saturday 16th March’s draw. They each won €1.25 million.

As we know historically, the SuperEnalotto jackpot is definitely worth waiting for, and has produced some very happy lottery winners in its time. The largest jackpot won to date is €177.8 million, which was back in October 2010. Before that €147,807,299.08 in August 2009, €100,756,197.30 in October 2008 and €71,767,565.57 in May 2005.

Perhaps you fancy a slice of the SuperEnalotto action? It’s easy to play; all you need to do is select six of your favourite or luckiest numbers from 1 to 90. Then cross your fingers and hope they match the numbers drawn on the big night, which could be Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

Keep the faith. Keep playing the SuperEnalotto, and one day you could be a very fortunate lottery winner too. It just takes the right lottery results after all.

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