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A lottery rollover is tantalising, exciting, and ever so enticing. Who finds it easy to resist a sixth rollover in a row, with a jackpot in the region of six figures? Not many, that’s for sure.

The Italian SuperEnalotto looked set to break records in 2012 with one of the longest consecutive run of rollovers. In fact, the Italian Lottery competed against their own record set in 2010, when they went for almost nine months without a winner. The SuperEnalotto has no jackpot limit, unlike the EuroMillions, which not only means that it is one of the most popular lotteries for “Lottery Tourism”, but it has also boasted jackpots in excess of €170 million since its creation 1997.

On May 19th 2012, the SuperEnalotto jackpot of €98.4 million was won with one single ticket, after a tormenting huge 100 rollovers over the previous six months. In its history, Italy’s most popular lottery has also seen rollovers lasting for seven and nine months.

In 2009, reaching the huge jackpot of €147.8 million, the SuperEnalotto rollover created such a sensation worldwide that Italy reported an increase in tourism with hopeful lottery winners flying into the country in order to buy a ticket, and in 2011 a €56,000 runner-up was flown to Italy to collect his winnings after buying his ticket online from Romania.

The SuperEnalotto draw takes place three times a week, more often than most other lotteries, but the odds of collecting the jackpot is only one in 622 million. The jackpot stands at a minimum of €1.3 million with its maximum ever being €177 million. But with an unlimited cap and its history of long rollovers, who is to say that this can’t be beaten in the future? If you fancy your chances, you can purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online at