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When it was revealed that the EuroMillions jackpot for Friday 13th June would be worth £109 million, you could have been forgiven for expecting the draw to be unlucky for everybody.

For what is Friday 13th if not stereotypically unlucky? Apparently, at least if you are in Spain, it is lucky for somebody.

The draw that everybody has been waiting for took place last night, with a EuroMillions jackpot that has been building for over 11 winless draws and one of the highest jackpots of 2014 so far. The £109 million jackpot was won at last, however, as one lucky ticket holder in Spain matched all of the drawn numbers as well as both lucky stars to achieve the coveted feat of winning a EuroMillions jackpot.

The numbers in Friday evening’s draw were 16, 18, 22, 28 and 46 with the Lucky Stars of 9 and 11. Aside from the own jackpot winner there were also over 4.4 million winners of prizes ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of thousands, and of course in the UK there was the Millionaire Raffle winner as well as France’s French My Million winner, each of whom won £1 million and €1 million respectively.

Across the EuroMillions member countries there were four lucky lottery players who each matched all of the five main drawn numbers and just one out of the two lucky stars to become rightful claimants of a €700,752 second tier prize, and eleven players who matched just the first five numbers and no lucky stars to win €84,939 from the lottery game.

Friday 13th was also lucky for a lottery player across the pond in the USA, as the Mega Millions jackpot, worth an estimated $66 million, was won by a single player in Michigan. Matching all six numbers 7, 38, 46, 49 and 56, plus the Mega Ball of 1, the winner will take home a cash payout worth$37.9 million if they choose to get the lump sum payment.

It seems that Friday 13th is often a lucky one for Michigan lottery players, as lottery fans in the state have won jackpots on two previous Friday 13th drawings, one in June 2008 – and the other in May 2011. Perhaps the old superstition simply doesn’t count for lottery drawings?

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