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The clock is ticking down to a sensational EuroMillions draw later this month. It’s been announced that on Friday April 20, there will be a EuroMillions Superdraw with jackpot of €130m (approximately £112m).

The Tuesday April 10 draw saw the jackpot won for the second draw in a row as a ticket sold in Belgium won a €17m EuroMillions top prize. With just two draws to go before the EuroMillions Superdraw, we’re guaranteed a massive rise in the size of the jackpot next Friday.

EuroMillions Superdraws are only held occasionally and the cash used to increase the size of the jackpot comes from The Booster Fund which receives 8% of the Common Prize Fund from every regular draw.

The first ever EuroMillions Superdraw took place in February 2007 and was won by a ticket sold in Belgium. The April 20 EuroMillions Superdraw will be the 21st but the first time that one has been held in the month of April.

If the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot isn’t won, then it just rolls over like any regular jackpot until reaching the cap of €190m. Of the previous 20 EuroMillions Superdraws that have been held, the Superdraw itself has seen seven jackpot wins and that includes the first three ever held in 2007 and 2009. Of the last five EuroMillions Superdraws to be held, only one has seen the jackpot won on the same day.

Hopefully the one to be held later this month will produce a winner but then again, we’d all love to see that the EuroMillions jackpot just keep on rising until a lucky winner comes along to win a life-changing prize, just like Neil Trotter from England who won a £108m EuroMillions jackpot in 2014. He won his jackpot a couple of draws after a EuroMillions Superdraw had rolled over.

Last year saw such events with the June EuroMillions Superdraw having a guaranteed €100m jackpot. That EuroMillions Superdraw saw the top prize won as a ticket sold in the UK scooped £87.57m.

The big jackpots kept on coming in 2017 with the announcement of a September EuroMillions Superdraw, this time with a top prize of €130m. Unlike the one in June, this wasn’t won so the top prize kept on rolling over until a ticket in Spain won a record €190m EuroMillions jackpot in the draw held on October 6.

Hopefully the April 20 EuroMillions draw will bring you great luck and a massive win… purchase your tickets online at right now!