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£56m EuroMillions Jackpot Winner to be sued over unpaid £375 bill
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Nigel Page, who won a £56m EuroMillions jackpot, is being sued by a window cleaner over an alleged unpaid bill of just £375.The dispute arose after Page, 48, who won his EuroMillions jackpot four years ago, decided not to pay window-cleaner Steve Rix, 57, claiming that his privacy had been breached by one of the window cleaning staff.Mr Rix has been running Bourton Vale Window Cleaning Services for 20 years and says he has lots of rich and famous clients and nothing like this has ever happened before: “We do a lot of famous and rich people and we have their keys. Everything we do, we do on trust.”The window cleaner had been given a one-off commission to clean the £5m rural eco-mansion that Page purchased after his £56m EuroMillions win in 2010. However an hour after the job had been completed Mr Rix received a telephone call from Danny Baker, who is employed by Mr Page as his estate manager. He told Rix that CCTV footage had captured one of his workers photographing a McLaren sports car owned by the EuroMillions winner.Despite Mr Rix apologizing and ensuring the image was deleted, the bill wasn’t paid due to the ‘breach of privacy.’ The upset window cleaner, who earns £13,000 a year, said of the dispute: “That money is nothing to him but to me it's half a month's wages. To come up with such a petty reason not to pay is just ridiculous. 'He probably earns the money he owes every minute in interest. There's no reason for him not to pay up.”That car is often seen out on the public highways, driving around. He didn't include the registration plate or any of the house in it either. At no point were we told there were to be strictly no pictures.”Nigel and Justine Page were unavailable for comment as they are out of the country. Mr Baker said there had been a breach of security and that it was Mr Rix’s prerogative to take them to court if he wished.