$70m Lotto Max Winner Donates $7m to Autism Charity

$70m Lotto Max Winner Donates $7m to Autism Charity

$70m  Lotto Max Winner Donates $7m to Autism Charity

When Marcel Lussier won a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot last June, he pledged to use his winnings to help others. That’s just what he has done with ten percent of his winnings being donated to an autism charity.

Personal reason

The 77-year-old has a personal reason for helping the Véro and Louis Foundation. He has a family member who has autism and this has led to him being interested in “everything that is published” on the subject as he attempts to educate himself about autism.

He’s now taken that interest a step further by helping the autism charity financially. The Véro and Louis Foundation helps to promote a safe environment for young autistic children.

Mr Lussier is a former politician who represented the Bloc for Brossard-La-Prairie between 2006 and 2008. They were the opposition party but he believes that “the impact” of his donation “will be greater” than anything he achieved politically.

His belief is that more is needed to help autistic people in Canada. The problem he sees is that there is an end of public services once they reach adulthood.

The Lotto Max winner hopes that his donation will “encourage other people to invest or give to this organization because after 18 years, these grown-up children fall into an empty hole.”

New homes

His donation is already helping to solve this problem. The Foundation has announced that they will be opening two permanent homes that will be adapted for autistic adults who are aged 21 or over. These new homes will be situated in Mauricie-Central Quebec and the Laurentians.

Meanwhile the wait continues for news of who won a $55 million Lotto Max jackpot in the April 25 draw. There had been no jackpot winner for a month but Tuesday saw one ticket successfully able to match 04-19-21-33-37-38-39-42. Obviously the winner loved used consecutive numbers in their selection.

No one has come forward yet to claim this $55m Lotto Max prize. We do know that the winning ticket was sold in Western Canada.

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