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Belfast woman speaks of her shock after winning almost £13 million on the EuroMillions
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A 65 year old furniture store worker from Belfast has spoken of how shocked she was when she discovered that she’d won a £12.9 million jackpot on the EuroMillions lottery, but now that the shock has worn off she has plenty of plans for the money.Mary Hamilton won her fortune during the draw of the EuroMillions lottery on Friday November 7th, and didn’t find out that she was a winner for a week. “I had the ticket a week and I didn’t know. It was in my bag,” Mrs Hamilton told lottery officials as she spoke of the moment that the store where she usually checks her tickets told her that they couldn’t pay out because the amount was too large.“They said they’re only allowed to pay out so much, I remembered that one week I won £36 and they were able to pay me that, so I knew it was a bit more than that,” said the EuroMillions winner. While she was still in the store, another customer decided to get the winning EuroMillions tickets up on his phone and it was then that Mrs Hamilton discovered her win, as her fellow customer said “you’re the UK winner.”Mrs Hamilton, who has been married to her husband Sandy for 40 years, said that she had to phone her husband to ask him to come and collect her because her legs went so weak. Mrs Hamilton has been playing both the EuroMillions lottery and the UK Lotto since it began 20 years ago, but never dreamed she would win so much money.Now that the shock has settled, the EuroMillions winner says that she wants to spend some of the money to do something for her local community in Northern Ireland. “There are a lot of young people out there whose youth centres are being closed down because of the cutbacks,” she said, as she spoke about donating some of her winnings into youth projects. First of all, however, the EuroMillions winner plans to buy herself a mobile phone, and both Mr and Mrs Hamilton have quit their jobs.In the next EuroMillions draw on Friday the estimated jackpot is £34m. Don’t miss this chance to become next big winner and purchase your lottery tickets online at