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EuroMillions Jackpot finally won as ticket sold in Spain scoops €137 million
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They say it’s the unluckiest day around, but tell that to the owner of the ticket that won the €137 million EuroMillions Jackpot on Friday June 13th.This EuroMillions jackpot is the highest won this year, beating the €130 million that was shared by two tickets on January 7th. No one has yet come forward to claim the massive jackpot but it has been confirmed that the winning ticket was purchased in Parla, a town at 16 km from Madrid, Spain. Perhaps the big win will be some comfort after Spain surprisingly lost their opening game in the World Cup 5-1 on the same day.The winning ticket was sold in a lottery shop situated in the El Ferial Shopping Mall. The owner of the shop, Angel Hernández, told the press that he is not sure about who the lucky player might be but expressed, “what is sure is that he has ‘disappeared’, and with such a huge amount of money at stake this is not surprising”.The employees of the lottery shop are trying to guess who the player could be. “The lucky winner played a multiple ticket, a combination of 7 numbers which cost him €42, while most of our customers play one, two or three lines, therefore we are trying to figure out who could have been the one” said one of the employees.The proud owner of the lottery shop also told the press that the Spanish Lottery operator is going to send the shop a sign saying “The largest lottery prize awarded in Spain has been sold here”. Angel explained that being able to display the sign will be like wearing a medal.The EuroMillions jackpot had been climbing steadily over the past month or so and there had been eleven rollovers since the last win on May 2. The winning numbers in the draw were 16, 18, 22, 28, 46 with Lucky Stars 9 and 11. The big winner will bag €137,313,501.In the same draw there were four winners who matched five numbers and one of the 2 lucky stars, taking home a whopping €700,752.92 each.The next EuroMillions draw takes place on Tuesday June 17th with an estimated jackpot of €15 million. Why not give yourself a chance of winning by playing now at!