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Euromillions jackpot grows even higher for the weekend
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Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw offered an impressive £95 million jackpot and after failing to be won, the jackpot rolled over once again to create an even higher one for the weekend draw.As the numbers were drawn, millions of lottery players across Europe were clutching their tickets hoping that they could match all of the numbers and win a slice, if not all, of the £95 million EuroMillions grand prize. However there were no tickets in any of the member countries that matched all five main numbers 12, 18, 21, 32 and 33 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 1 and 11.Despite there being no winning tickets for the jackpot, there were nine lucky players who matched all of the five main numbers and one out of the two Lucky Stars to take home a £138,484 prize, and 14 winners took home the third tier prize of £29,675 for matched all of the five main numbers without any of the Lucky Stars.In the UK there was one winner who managed to bag themselves a £1 million prize, while in France there was also a €1 million winner.The culmination of eleven winless draws in a row will see the EuroMillions jackpot soar above £100 million for the third time in 2014. The first time that happened this year the jackpot was split between one ticket in Spain and another in France, while when it happened again, it was won by one single ticket holder, Neil Trotter from the UK, who won the huge jackpot after the superdraw in March rolled over.The prize fund of £109 million will be up for grabs on Friday, June 13th, so will Friday 13th be lucky for some? Or will all players come away feeling that the stereotype of bad luck is true, sending the European lottery to its 12th rollover in a row?Give yourself a chance by playing now at