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EuroMillions Superdraw due to take place this Friday has been postponed
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It’s been announced that the EuroMillions Superdraw, scheduled to take place on Friday June 6th, has been postponed. This is because a series of rollovers and strong ticket sales has caused the jackpot to naturally pass the €100 million mark anyway.Superdraws were introduced in 2007 and always have a guaranteed €100 million (£80 million) jackpot. Money is taken from the EuroMillions Reserve fund to enable the jackpot to reach that magic figure.However after this Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw failed to produce a jackpot winner, the top prize for this Friday’s draw is €105 million (£85 million), the third largest jackpot seen so far this year. The EuroMillions jackpot has seen nine rollovers since a UK ticket won just over £73 million in the draw held on May 2nd.This is the first time that a EuroMillions Superdraw has been postponed. The first Superdraw was held on February 9th, 2007 when a lucky player from Belgium scooped the guaranteed €100 million jackpot. The last Superdraw took place on March 7th, 2014 but the jackpot was not won until the following week when Neil Trotter won over £107 million.The Superdraws can be announced at any time, but are normally held to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions. They operate under the same rules as regular draws aside from the guaranteed jackpot figure. If no player matches all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars then the jackpot rolls over to the following draw. The first time that occurred was in February 2010 causing the jackpot to rise to €129m (£112 million) which was shared by two tickets in the next draw.It means anyone who’s already purchased a ticket for this Friday’s draw will find themselves playing for a larger jackpot than they had initially been dreaming of winning. Those wanting to buy tickets for the draw are advised to purchase them ahead of time and avoid the inevitable last minute rush.Lottery authorities say that the money that would have been used for the Superdraw will stay in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund and be used for future draws and promotions.Have you got your EuroMillions tickets? Buy them online at