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Have you won one of these unclaimed lottery prizes in the UK?
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Have you won one of these unclaimed lottery prizes in the UK?

Three unclaimed lottery prizes could be yours, each worth £1m.The UK National Lottery is searching for three people sitting on £1m Lotto prizes.

Deadlines are approaching

Two of the unclaimed lottery prizes were won in EuroMillions, and the third in UK Lotto.The deadlines for claiming the winnings are approaching, and National Lottery officials don’t want the winners to miss out.The two EuroMillions prizes were won in a drawing on 3 March 2019.One of them was purchased in the Preston area, England. The other was picked up from a store in Coventry.

Unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity

The winners of each of these prizes have until 28 August to take advantage of their life-changing win.After that date, the £1m prizes will be donated to the National Lottery Community Fund.The last £1m prize was won in a UK Lotto drawing on 6 March 2019.It was the only Millionaire raffle prize won in that drawing, where the winning numbers were 2 - 15 - 24 - 42 - 46 - 53 with a Bonus Ball of 17.The winning ticket was purchased in East Riding, Yorkshire.

Could you be sitting on one of the winning tickets?

As lottery players in the UK have 180 days to claim their prize after the draw date, the UK Lotto winner’s time will be up on 2 September.Again, after that date, the winnings will be donated to charity.Lottery officials are urging players to check wallets, car storage compartments, pockets and even down the back of the sofa.When you play with Lottery24, your tickets are stored safely for you. There's no chance you can lose your ticket and you can be guaranteed to claim your prize.

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