A massive £804m has been lost in unclaimed UK lottery prizes since 2013

A massive £804m has been lost in unclaimed UK lottery prizes since 2013

A massive £804m has been lost in unclaimed UK lottery prizes since 2013

Over the last six years, there has been a massive £804m in unclaimed UK lottery prizes.Last year alone over £100 million went without a claim. Play online with Lottery24 and you'll never miss out on your prize.

No second chance for UK National Lottery winners

UK players have 180 days or six months from their win to claim the prize.Once a lottery winner misses the deadline to claim their prize, then the money is donated.The UK National Lottery donates the unclaimed prizes to the National Lottery Community Fund. This fund goes towards helping local good causes and charities.New figures have shown that the unclaimed UK lottery prizes have totalled over £800m in the last six years.

Big prizes that are never claimed

Back in 2013, one EuroMillions winner failed to claim their jackpot prize, which totalled a huge £63.9 million.In 2013, that meant there was a total of over £180m in unclaimed UK lottery prizes.

Unclaimed UK lottery prizes by year

YearUnclaimed amount
 “There has been a host of occasions where someone has defied the odds and won, but not come forward to claim the prize,” said Marc Gershon, property developer and owner of Winmydreamhome.com, who conducted the research.“We could have delivered 3,000 new homes to tackle the housing crisis with the money that has gone unclaimed, but at least it has gone to a good cause instead,” he added.Lottery officials suggest that winners who tend to forget to check their tickets should play online instead.When you play online with Lottery24, you can be guaranteed of collecting your prize. We make sure to inform every winner as soon as the draw has happened.

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