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Wisconsin lottery winner has only one week to claim their prize
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Wisconsin lottery winner has only one week to claim their prize

Time is running out for a Wisconsin lottery winner to claim their jackpot. The $5.9 million prize will expire on 15 July.

Megabucks lottery win from six months ago

The lucky winner won a Megabucks lottery jackpot on 16 January. Their ticket was purchased from Kwik Trip in Sheboygan, but the winner has not yet come forward.In line with lottery rules, winners must come forward within 180 days to claim a lottery jackpot. That window runs out at the end of the day on 15 July.

Record breaking Wisconsin Lottery win

The Wisconsin lottery player won the highest Megabucks prize since 2015. Their ticket matched winnings numbers 1-5-28-29-37-44. The $5.9 million prize is the 25th highest jackpot since the game began.Despite the lottery winner not having come forward, the store that sold the winning ticket will still receive a bonus. They were awarded $100,000 for selling the winning Wisconsin lottery ticket.

Make sure to check your tickets

Lottery officials are urging all local players to check their tickets. Any lottery fans who have visited the Kwik Trip store on South Taylor Drive could be holding almost $6 million in their wallet.The winner must claim their prize in person at lottery headquarters in Madison. Lottery officials previously suggested that the big-time winner may be consulting a financial advisor before coming forward.However, the closer that the deadline gets, the less likely it is that the winner with claim the lottery jackpot. It’s also possible that the ticket may have been lost forever.

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