Racetrack Success for $40m Australian Powerball Winner

Racetrack Success for $40m Australian Powerball Winner

Racetrack Success for $40m Australian Powerball Winner

Four years ago, Cliff Little from North Queensland, Australia, won a $40 million Australian Powerball jackpot. He’s had an enjoyable time since his big win. That includes making investments that have increased his windfall.

The lucky player has been explaining just how his life has been since winning the Australian Powerball jackpot.

He recalled the moment when he realised he’d become a millionaire. He saw the numbers that had been drawn and thought to himself: “Oof! I’m getting more than my money back.” The Australian Powerball winner was still in bed when he received a phone call from a lottery official.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked. When his win was confirmed, going back to sleep was totally out of the question.

The disability worker immediately quit his job. Since then he’s bought a Toyota Supra sports car, racehorses and homes for his children.

A day at the races

Becoming a racehorse owner has seen his windfall grow even larger. In his opinion, his horse racing successes have been more satisfying than his Australian Powerball win.f

“Lotto is a game of chance, as we all know, but winning a Group One with the trainer training the horse and the jockey primed to go with it, that’s the excitement, the tactics in it and things like that.”

It’s made him lots of money but he loves seeing his purchases winning races. He says “it’s only secondary importance when you see the cups.”  One of his most successful purchases has been Cifrado who has won over $880,000 in prize money.

Financial donations

Mr Little has also used his winnings to help the sport. Two years ago he made a donation of $20,000 to the Cairns Turf Club and the Cairns Jockey Club. His hope is that his donation will “create more interest in racing” and added that: “Anything we can do to promote local racing is good.”

Not surprisingly, the Australian Powerball winner says of the past few years: “It’s amazing. You dream about these things but when it happens you don’t believe it.”

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